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We are getting started on this a little late.  Due to
vacations, and busy lifes.  We apologize.

The first step in the new election process, and the one that
I am
opening today, is the nomination process.

We are asking that all members nominate people that they
would like to
see on the Jabber Council.  Here are the rules for

1) Each member gets to nomnate three people.
2) Each nominee must be a Foundation member.
3) You cannot nominate yourself.
4) Your nomination must be made in a message sent to the
Members mailing
5) The first three people you nominate will be your list, so
don't nominate 16 people in 10 different messages...

You can make it known, anywhere you want to, that you want
to be
nominated, but you cannot nominate yourself.

Here is the new schedule to get us back on track:

July 10-July 17: Nomination Period

July 17-24: Candidate Platform Preparation

July 24-31: Member Research

August 1: Debate

August 13-19: Absentee/Early Voting

August 20: Official Voting for new Council

For the original schedule and description of each step:


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