[Foundation] Candidate Position: DJ Adams

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Wed Jul 24 10:19:08 CDT 2002

Candidate Position: DJ Adams

As there's already a lot of traffic on the lists these days, relatively
speaking, and there are going to be a lot of position papers to read, I'll
keep mine short and to the point.

* I'm DJ Adams, also known as 'qmacro'. I have been active in the Jabber
  community for better or for worse since autumn/winter of 2000, which i
  when I discovered Jabber.

* I have particiated on various mailing lists, particularly jdev and 
  standards-jig, as well as in the regular weekly foundation meetings

* I wrote O'Reilly's "Programming Jabber" which came out in January of
  this year. Before that, I've written a number of articles and help 
  documents which are to be found on various websites, including 
  http://www.pipetree.com/jabber and http://www.openp2p.com.

* I've been promoting Jabber through talks over the past year or so, 
  for example, at OSCON 2001 and (right now) OSCON 2002, at FOSDEM
  in Brussels, and of course at JabberConf in Denver. 

* You can find out more about me in my interview too:

* I wrote and maintain a number of Jabber modules on CPAN:

* I've submitted a number of JEPS: 
  0009 Transporting XML-RPC over Jabber (draft)
  0022 Message Events (active)
  0023 Message Expiration (active)
  0024 Publish/Subscribe (experimental)

* For me as a potential council member, there is one key point that
  I'd like to put forward here:

  There's a lot of talk about the future of Jabber (the protocol), 
  specifically in connection with JNG - Jabber Next Generation. While 
  this is good on the whole, it's tending (IMHO) to cloud the more 
  important issue of the current protocol. We have a great protocol 
  already, and a good installed base. We also have a large number of
  JEPs that are important to get finished (discussed, agreed) but are
  floundering for one reason or another. 

  We need to get these JEPs sorted out, tidy our plate, so we can move
  on to more ethereal things like JNG. If the council can concentrate on
  getting, nay, pushing, the resolutions to these issues with the JEPs
  we have, with the end result of a clean slate and a nicely extended 
  protocol, I'll be very happy. That's a single task. It's not an easy
  one, which why I think the council should concentrate on that first
  and foremost.

  If we do sort out the JEPs, _then_ we can start to talk about JNG and
  the far future. 


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