[Foundation] Position Paper

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Wed Jul 24 14:27:58 CDT 2002

I'm busy packing, so I hope this doesn't sound too rushed :-) Enjoy.

- Who I am and how I started:

My real name is Thomas Muldowney, but most everyone in the Jabber world
knows me as temas.  I joined the Jabber project when it was very first
announced on Slashdot.  I guess I saw it right when it got up because I
was the second person (besides jer) to join the mailing list.  I fell in
love right away and have been working with it since then.

- My Jabber history:

Early on I played right hand man to jer.  I picked up slack on some
projects, like the original version of conferencing and server
development.  Also during that time I wrote the AIM-Transport. 
Continuing to work on both to this day.  I was an early hire by Webb
Interactive for Jabber work, and we then got spun off into Jabber, Inc. 
After much more hacking of the server and work on supporting the
blossoming Jabber community I got to help with the talks that created
the JSF.  I've helped author many JEPs since then, and actively discuss
the JEPs that I do not author.  Most recently I've been devoting most of
my time to building up the JabberStudio website.

- Contributing to Jabber:

Besides my code contributions I've long worked to increase the amount of
security features that are present in Jabber.  This has resulted in the
partial SSL support in the server, PGP integration, and now discussions
around XES and more complete encryption.

I don't claim to be a great thinker of next generation XML protocols
such as JNG and XATP, but I can very clearly see the need for balancing
forward progress and supporting what we have now.  Because of this, I've
been trying to help move along important standards (pubsub, disco vs
browse, etc), and also see about getting more support of the 1.4.x
server line.  We're slowly starting to see a balance, but we still need
to work to get there.

I still feel that JabberStudio has an important part to play in our
community, and I'm dedicated to making sure it is well done and complete
as soon as possible.

- Thoughts on the council:

I often wonder if I should have ran for the original council, and I have
no way of knowing what would happen if I had.  Now, from watching the
current council, I am able to see what I feel I should do.  First, I
don't think I can ever vote a 0 on a JEP.  Every JEP deserves a fair
judgement, and an opinion, be it good or bad.  I'm not saying I'll take
a hardline and give -1 until all my concerns are 100% met, rather, I
want JEPs to very complete and acceptable to the community when they are
approved.  Next I want to continue to investigate the process of JEP
creation, voting and finalization.  There are still many bumps that need
to be smoothed out.  Finally, I want to increase the amount of
discussion from the council with the standards JIG.  This way more
issues are worked out before a JEP reaches the council and we can work
through JEPs more quickly.

Thanks for reading it all!  Vote temas ;-)


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