[Foundation] Council Postion Paper

Harold Gottschalk heg at imissary.com
Thu Jul 25 15:47:48 CDT 2002


Who am I:

Harold Gottschalk - heg I have been involved with jabber since 2/01.


I am the CEO of a company with the name of IMissary.  My original focus for
IMissary was to provide business IM solutions and digital service via
Jabber.  We have not followed that original mandate, but focused on the
development of some digital services for the financial market related to
Fraud prevention.

I also work for Stone Investments and had previously founded another company
for SII, that is still ongoing in San Diego.

You can read a more complete bio at the following

What have I done:

Some may consider it as not much, but I have built a few demos, fixed a few
bugs, charter JSF member, edit some part of a JEP, Reviewed Iain Shigeoka
Jabber book, annoyed some people and promoted jabber to my developers and

What would I do on the council besides the required:

I would provide a business perspective to the group and look at how the
foundation can address issues that business may have about the technology.
I am also reviewing a board membership opportunity  with the foundation.

Thank you

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