[Foundation] Should the IETF standardize the protocol?

Jim Ray jray at jabber.com
Wed Jul 31 10:55:43 CDT 2002

As far as Calendaring and Scheduling, I would love this.  As long as
XMPP is not a formal IETF thing, they don't recognize it.  And are not
that interested in helping with it.  They are trying to formalize CAP,
Calendar Access Protocol on BEEP. 

> Here are the questions at hand:
> 1) Should the protocol be standardized by the IETF?

Yes, but as XMPP not Jabber.

> 2) If so, how much of it?


Extensions would be drafts much like the SNMP MIB's, and then turned
into RFC's.

And added benefit would be that it would be taken more seriously from
the IETF members for inclusion during devlopment of new technologies.


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