[Foundation] tomorrow's discussion

Jan Niehusmann list078 at gondor.com
Tue Nov 5 12:30:58 CST 2002

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 01:13:22PM -0500, bauer at michaelbauer.com wrote:
> Um, that would would make it 6am, 5am, 4am, and 3am for the U.S. right?  I 
> submit your daughter's lack of amusement would pale in comparison to those 
> in the Western Hemisphere.

Yes, but did you think about asia? :)

What about a rotating schedule? 4 different times (0:00, 6:00, 12:00,
18:00 UTC, perhaps) should be enough. Different weekdays may be a good
idea, too. That way everybody can participate from time to time.

Of course, that is not a solution for the quarterly meetings, but the
weekly ones are informal enough for such a scheme, I suppose.


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