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On 11/20/02 16:28, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:

> Until now, JEPs have gone to Last Call solely at the discretion of the JEP
> Editor (c'est moi). Last Call is the last chance for the Jabber community
> to substantially comment on a JEP before it is proposed to the Jabber
> Council for consideration as a Draft protocol. Because advancement from
> Experimental to Draft is a major step, the new version of JEP-0001
> approved by both the JSF Board and the Jabber Council requires that a JSF
> member must propose a motion for issuing the Last Call, and 5% of the
> membership must second the motion. Right now this means only 4 people must
> second the motion, but it does provide a way to gauge the interest in a
> protocol among the community. I would like to set the following ground
> rules (these are not specified in JEP #1 right now but could be added):
> 1. The JEP author (or co-authors) may not be the one to propose the Last
> Call -- you have to convince someone else that the JEP is ready. (I'm
> agnostic on whether to exclude the JEP Editor here as well.)
> 2. The JEP author (or co-authors) may not second the motion for a Last
> Call.
> 3. Members of the Jabber Council may propose or second a motion for Last
> Call (unless forbidden by rules 1 and 2).
> Sound good? This will apply to all future JEPs.
> Your thoughts welcome. The relevant text is Section 6 of JEP-0001:
> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0001.html#sect-id2592710
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