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Until now, JEPs have gone to Last Call solely at the discretion of the JEP
Editor (c'est moi). Last Call is the last chance for the Jabber community
to substantially comment on a JEP before it is proposed to the Jabber
Council for consideration as a Draft protocol. Because advancement from
Experimental to Draft is a major step, the new version of JEP-0001
approved by both the JSF Board and the Jabber Council requires that a JSF
member must propose a motion for issuing the Last Call, and 5% of the
membership must second the motion. Right now this means only 4 people must
second the motion, but it does provide a way to gauge the interest in a
protocol among the community. I would like to set the following ground
rules (these are not specified in JEP #1 right now but could be added):

1. The JEP author (or co-authors) may not be the one to propose the Last
Call -- you have to convince someone else that the JEP is ready. (I'm
agnostic on whether to exclude the JEP Editor here as well.)

2. The JEP author (or co-authors) may not second the motion for a Last

3. Members of the Jabber Council may propose or second a motion for Last
Call (unless forbidden by rules 1 and 2).

Sound good? This will apply to all future JEPs.

Your thoughts welcome. The relevant text is Section 6 of JEP-0001:



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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