[Foundation] Motion to propose JEP-0030 (Service Discovery) to council

johannes.wagener at gmx.net johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Mon Nov 25 05:19:29 CST 2002

I am against it: There is no need for one more service discovery.

"jabber:iq:browse" does all we need for service discovery itself.
The few addons to negotiate something is not obligate for the service dicovery!
The "feature-request" should be the job of the component integration in the client or if it 
is really necessary already in the service discovery, it would rather make more sense to 
add something to the JEP-0011.

In my view as a client coder I do not like such a basic changes in the jabber protocol 
each day. I just finished my jabber browser for my new client and the day after it is 
ready they want a new protocol.

In addition to that the new "disco" stuff is not very nice to integrate in clients. In fact i 
think it is a quite #hackisch protocol and the integration in a client is not easy because it 
lacks in logic sometimes. The big problem is the huge complexity and that should not 
be the aim of XML. In addition to that the idea to solve "everything" now with the new 
disco is bad. It is impossible to support all new features in a client and to block parts 
that are too complicate of the new GENERAL protocol in a client is not good. When i 
add a feature to a client it is usual the whole protocol part that the feature is based on. 
With disco this will be a "Fass ohne Boden" (a tank in that you fill water but we have no 
chance to fill it because it has a leack!)

Finally: I suggest that we extend the JEP-0011 with some new tag in the area of the 
<ns/> if we really need to provide other information that are not namespaces.
This will not force all client coders to implement a totally new browsing system to their 

<iq type="result" from="jer at jabber.org/foxy" id="browse2"> 
  <item xmlns="jabber:iq:browse" jid="jer at jabber.org/foxy" category="user" 	
type="client" name="laptop"> 
    <SOMENEW>important feature that is not a namespace</SOMENEW>

On 25 Nov 2002 at 16:16, Robert Norris wrote:

> Subject says it all. I like it, I want it in j2. Who will second this
> motion?
> Rob.
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