[Foundation] Electronic voting and identity verification

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Fri Oct 11 23:03:38 CDT 2002

I thought this was the plan of action as well.  I even modified and
installed pks on jabber.org to house our keys.  When I said that I was
complete with that there was some grumbling in jdev about it.  So I
don't know what the official plan is now.  Secretary?  Board?  Care to
lay out a course?


On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 04:03:52PM -0500, Casey Crabb wrote:
> With the recent passing of an ammendment to allow for electronic voting 
> such that the secretary can verify one's identity, I propose that we use 
> PGP/GPG keys and signatures for verification. It solves the problem of 
> identity and has stood the test of time. We have protocol support for 
> point-to-point encryption, so jabber is able to speak in signed and 
> encrypted messages so long as the clients support that part of the protocol.
> For this to work, each jsf member would need to provide a public key to 
> the secretary, who will put it in a keyserver that the jsf runs. This 
> keyserver should have public access to request keys, but not to submit them.
> Then a jabber/email-bot could be created that speaks point-to-point 
> encryption over both jabber and email. This bot would have a key of its 
> own that can be used to encrypt message to it. This bot could then be 
> responsible for running votes. The bot should keep full logs of messages 
> and emails so that votes can be independantly tallied.
> I think these are the goals that need to be accomplished:
> 1) Write down why we think we need gpg/pgp keys for jsf members
> 2) send that out for discussion
> 3) Collect keys from jsf members and put them in our keyserver
> 4) develop replacement for memberbot that understands gpg encrypted 
> jabber messages AND can deal with a mail spool so people can email in 
> votes as well..
> 5) test system with a dummy vote
> There are probably others, and those may be out of order, but I think 
> those are necessary.
> I hope to have stared #1, and #2 with this email.
> Thoughts/flames?
> --
> Casey
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