[Foundation] Second Membership Purge

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Sep 4 15:21:36 CDT 2002

As explained in my last post regarding a membership purge [1], a number of
JSF members have been inactive. For the purposes of retaining membership,
all that a JSF member needs to do is participate in the official votes put
to the membership. If a member misses three consecutive votes, the member
is removed.

[NOTE: Now that the Bylaw amendements have passed, a member will be
removed if he or she misses three consecutive *meetings* of JSF members.
Please do not confuse our weekly discussions in the foundation conference
room with official meetings. Official meetings will now be held via text
conferencing, but will most likely happen only 5 times a year (once per
quarter to accept new members, and once per year for the annual meeting)
unless the membership decides to call a special meeting.]

To date this policy has been strictly enforced, to the point that in the
first purge we removed 3 members of the Board of Directors and one member
of the Jabber Council. The current purge will be no less stringent.

However, we will soon accept new members again, since we will hold an open 
application period from October 1 to October 10 (as well as during the
first 10 days of each quarter thereafter). So if you have been purged,
don't take it personally, and do consider applying again.

The list of people who are now being purged is provided below. If you feel
that you have been included on this list in error, contact me directly
(since I will soon remove these people from this mailing list).


Matthew Allum
Matthew Bell
Todd Brennan
Julian Center
Tito Costa
Rodolphe Duge de Bernonville
Sergio Freire
John Hager
Max Horn
David Iodice
Behzad Karim
Justin Karneges
Michal Leinweber
James Lorenzo
Chris McDonald
Keith Minkler
Suresh Kuram Murthy
Amy Nugent
Kuldip Ottal
Miguel Paraz
Paler Petru
Frederique Pinson
Stefan Praszalowicz
Howard Ryan
Alexandre Safiullin
Yura Scheglyuk
Ralph Siemsen
Manish Singh
Kuba Troszok
Daniel Veillard
Matthias Wimmer
Craig Woolven


NOTE: Before this purge our membership stood at 95 people. We are now
purging 32 more people, which brings our total membership to 63. The 15%
rule (Bylaws Section 2.1) still does not apply, since Jabber Inc. (the
largest single source of members) has 7 members, or 9% of the total. 


[1] http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2002-August/001416.html

Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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