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Marco Palombi marco.palombi at tipic.com
Wed Sep 11 06:41:23 CDT 2002

Dear Foundation Members,

Michael Bauer has put together a comprehensive (IMHO) list of topics to be
discussed during the first Board meeting.

Since I am a newly elected Board Member and I do not know some of you, I
would like to receive your opinion about these points. Feel free to write to
the list or to me.

Thanks for your help,

Marco Palombi
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We have to put together an agenda to go along with the formal meeting
announcement.  Attached is an outline of just such an agenda.  These
agendas usually have two parts, a discussion and an action section.  They
are setup that way because the utlimate goal of the Board Meeting is to
take some actions that materially affects the direction of the

So, to really come up with the final agenda we need to start identifying
the action items we need to take.  I've taken the liberty of at least
identifying the things we might need to act on.  It seems like we need to
take some action on:

  Intellectual Property Rights
  Jabber Marketing
  Sponsorship Initiatives
  Budget Review

What I'd like to do with this email is to make sure we agree
on the overall approach for the Meeting and these set of initiatives.  If
we can get overall consensus on this, then I'd suggest we tackle each
action item independently to come up with the individual proposals.  What
do you think?


Roll Call

Discussion Items

  Standardization Policies
    Jabber Council Process
    IETF Standardization Process

  IPR (Intellectual Property Right) Policy
    Jabber Trademark
    Patent Issues
    Protocol Independence

  Marketing of Jabber
    Publishing Examples of Non-IM use of Jabber
    Promotion of Jabber Powered Program
    Development of Compliance Program for Jabber Powered Mark

  Sponsorship Initiatives
    Specifying Sponsorship Levels
    Updating Sponsorship Literature

  Overall Goals of the Board

  Budget Review
    Pending Expenses
    Future Expenses

Action and Consent Items

    Executive Director

  Policy Adoption
    Standardization Policies
    IPR Policies
    Marketing Policies
    Sponsorship Policies
    Goal Statement

  Budget Approval

  Schedules for future meetings
    Board Meetings
    Membership Meetings

New Business



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