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Thu Sep 12 01:27:14 CDT 2002

Hi.  Earlier this year, Jabber, Inc. sponsored my development of a 
prototype Jabber Directory called Jabber.net.  I got permission to get 
some feedback on the site.  There are a number of issues concerning the 
prototype that I put together.  For example, it's not an "opt-in" 
directory.  I built the initial database for the site using log files.  
There's no way to "opt-out" right now, short of sending me an email 
message requesting that.  I've scoped out how to make it "opt-in" with 
facilities for adding, deleting, and modifying entries.  Since this is not 
going to go public in its current form (or maybe ever any form) I'm not 
that concerned about it.  

What I am concerned about is just getting some general feedback on such a 
directory.  In addition, I'm interested in generating some dialogue about 
some of the underlying knowledge (or lack of knowledge) I've been able to 
get from the servers.  For example, there's not a lot of "meta data" for 
servers short of "public" and "private".  There's some other interesting 
conversation topics that this site can generate, like "uber user 
directory" search.  

So, I'd love some feedback.  Although I'm sure this message will get lost, 
I'd like to reiterate that this is JUST A PROTOTYPE.  It's NOT GOING 
PUBLIC.  It DOESN'T COMPLETELY WORK (search is broken).  I don't expect 
these caveats to stop any flames, but I thought I'd try.  The site is at:


Oh, and just for giggles, I'd love to get any feedback on my own updated 
site at:



Michael Bauer     bauer at michaelbauer.com       http://www.michaelbauer.com

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