[Foundation] I: [Board] Agenda Discussion

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Fri Sep 13 03:27:35 CDT 2002

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 01:41:23PM +0200, Marco Palombi wrote:
> Dear Foundation Members,
> Michael Bauer has put together a comprehensive (IMHO) list of topics to be
> discussed during the first Board meeting.
> Since I am a newly elected Board Member and I do not know some of you, I
> would like to receive your opinion about these points. Feel free to write to
> the list or to me.

Hi Marco, you know me (we met at JabberConf in 2001 :-) but I'll give my
opinion anyway. 

I think the formation of a fresh board, with members from the community and
Jabber Inc (and other commercial entities) is a good opportunity to clear
up the IPR issues that have dogged debate for a good while. I'm not the
best person to state what should and shouldn't be, as I understand there
are complexities to be addressed. But surely we should, at this stage, be
able as a foundation, to be clear on where everyone stands. Can the board
address this issue, with an action point to document clearly and precisely
where the Foundation stands, and Jabber Inc, wrt the trademark (and other
IPR?) issues? This would help a lot, I think. Based on a clear position, I
think the Foundation would then have a solid basis from which to progress
with initiatives such as "Jabber Powered" and so on.

It's especially important at this stage in Jabber's life where we're dealing
with the IETF and a greater context of groups and people.


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