[Foundation] discussion minutes

Iain Shigeoka iain.shigeoka at messaginglogic.com
Fri Sep 13 11:23:10 CDT 2002

On 9/12/02 8:29 AM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:

>>> 5. We need a way of ranking Jabber software in terms of protocol
>>> compliance, especially since things like the client list on the new site
>>> will be directly imported from JabberStudio, and there is no guarantee
>>> that such software even compiles, let alone complies with the protocol.
>>> JSF Board member Tony Bamonti is working with Jabber Inc. to maybe use
>>> their protocol tool.
>> That would be nice.  I think this falls under the JabberPowered compliance
>> discussions we had and tabled a while back.  Is it time to revisit?
> Yes, I think it is. :) We've been discussing it somewhat on the Board list
> (which is open for read-only subscriptions so that you can keep tabs on
> the Board -- there's a link from http://www.jabber.org/lists.html). Given
> the plethora of Jabber software, we need to start making quality
> distinctions. IMHO, of course.

I generally dislike spending time on read-only mailing lists..  Could the
board report to the foundation membership via the members list from time to
time. Most org's post board meeting minutes which almost no one reads.  But
the board usually reports their general activities and topics on a monthly
newsletter... Perhaps something like for the JSF board could help connect
board activities with the general membership.  I imagine most members, like
me, don't want to be on the board list (of course, board mailing list
enrollment could easily prove me wrong).  :)


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