[Foundation] I: [Board] Agenda Discussion

Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. heg at imissary.com
Mon Sep 16 11:47:57 CDT 2002

> I would like to hear more from the Foundation Members and the 
> Community in general about the Jabber Trademark (who should 
> own it in the best interest of the Jabber Community as a 
> whole); I would like to know in particular:
> - what is the feeling of Open Source developers ?
> - what is the feeling of Commercial entities ?
> - what is the position of Jabber Inc. ?

I would like to see the Jabber Trademark issue resolved period.  I like
the word Jabber, but am fine with XMPP, especially if we can place
energies elsewhere.  I know this is blasphemy, my opinion that is, but
we have already spent massive time on this in the past and it has been a
divisive issue.  We have burned a lot of energy and I would like to see
it resolved one way or the other. -Open Source and Commercial Opinion-

> I would also like to know more from the Community about the 
> other points on Michael Bauer's Agenda.

  Sponsorship Initiatives
    Specifying Sponsorship Levels
    Updating Sponsorship Literature
In my board position paper I presented some concepts, please consider
them.  I feel this is an extremely import objective for the foundation.
We need to increase the sponsorships to JSF. It is important to provide
feed back to the sponsors at to what their monies are being used for and
how they may further benefit by sponsoring a specific activity.

	IETF Standardization Process
Extremely import for JSF, make calls for participation, with specific
activities laid out for participants. 

  Overall Goals of the Board
For the success of JSF it is Imperative to have stated goals, with
specific targets for achievement.  A mission statement is not the same
as goals.  To get more participation the goals and objectives need to be
laid out.  We need to set up task and activities for those goals so
individuals can volunteer.  Maybe we can look at goals as a JabberStudio

I like what Michael has laid out and believe that we are now on the
right track, so I am looking forward to assisting on the execution.


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