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One thing that caused some concern about certification when we discussed 
this last year was the following.  If we want to develop a certification 
program that goes beyond what we've already established then there may be 
quite a bit more work involved.  Specifically, simply having a set of 
certification tools may not be enough.  Human intervention will probably 
be required, from a minimum of reviewing the results of the certification 
tools to reviewing web sites and even literature.  These complexities 
arise from trademark law as I understand them.  Of course, this kind of 
thing is really the responsibility of the trademark owner.  

Note, I may be raising issues that we might not choose to address.  
Nevertheless, these are issues that exist, I believe.  

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Marco Palombi wrote:

> Thank you Iain,
> very practical position; appreciate that.
> It seems that we all agree on a common set of "automated tests"; hopefully
> if jabber inc releases their testing tool, this can be done very quickly.
> Marco Palombi
> Tipic Inc.
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> On 9/14/02 5:23 AM, "Marco Palombi" <marco.palombi at tipic.com> wrote:
> > I would like to hear more from the Foundation Members and the Community in
> > general about the Jabber Trademark (who should own it in the best interest
> > of the Jabber Community as a whole); I would like to know in particular:
> >
> > - what is the feeling of Open Source developers ?
> As an open source developer, I'd like a minimum of hassles worrying about
> how I can use the name "Jabber" and associated logos.  I'd like to have a
> common, free (zero-cost) resource packet of this information (license,
> readme, etc) and collateral data (logo, boilerplate copyright notices,
> standard emoticons, etc) that I can read, understand, and then use.
> > - what is the feeling of Commercial entities ?
> As a commercial developer, I'd like the name "Jabber" and associated logos
> to mean something above and beyond just warm fuzzies that we all like each
> other.  To me this implies some compliance guarantees (automated tests,
> testing lab, etc) and more rigorous documentation on what the standards are
> to comply with.  I'd like a resource packet of information (license, readme,
> etc), collateral data (logo, boilerplate copyright notices, standard
> emoticons, etc), and information on the limits of modifying, extending, and
> otherwise creating "value-add" without violating any agreements that are in
> place.
> As far as ownership, to me it doesn't matter who owns everything so long as
> we can work out a reasonable policy regarding usage of name, copyright,
> trademarks, etc.  I think its preferable that one entity own all related
> assets so that you only have to deal with one organization and there is a
> unified response to queries.  I also think it is preferable that this
> organization have the resources to maintain full-time staff, phones,
> contract lawyers, etc.  If the JSF can't do this, then the only reasonable
> choice would seem to me to be jinc.  If there are enough commercial entities
> that want to share the responsibility, then it seems logical that they
> jointly fund JSF so that it can act as such.
> Probably not the majority opinion but that's my thoughts.
> -iain
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