[Foundation] Call for Translators

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Sep 24 23:30:06 CDT 2002

We will soon have a consistent set of documentation that can be translated
into languages other than English. These documents cover "everything
Jabber" and include end user help files, server admin howtos, developer
guides, and protocol documents. They are not quite ready yet, but it would
be great to have translation teams in place who can work on them when they
are finished (about 2 weeks from now for most of the docs, with the final
docs finished about 4 weeks from now, as well as ongoing maintenance). We
already have a team ready to translate them into Spanish, and in the past
I have talked with people who have translated Jabber docs into French,
German, Russian, Italian, and Chinese. However, now I am asking for help
with translating the entire set of documents into as many languages as
possible (or a subset of docs if we can't find a full team of translators
for some languages). We have never done this before but I think it would
really help developers, server admins, and users all over the world. Of
coruse, because we have never done this I'm sure that there are things we
will learn and processes that we can improve, but I think it's time to

If you are interested in translating docs or leading a translation team
for a specific language, please contact me directly (off-list) by sending
an email or Jabber message to stpeter at jabber.org.

Thanks for your help!


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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