[Foundation] membership, money, and meritocracy

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Apr 2 03:55:29 CST 2003

> As for protocol developers, I'm sure that JEP authoring could count as
> being part of the community.

Yea but as I said what about all the people that contribute on the mailing
list but are not acknowleged?

> As for being Linux C biased... I have no idea where you got that. Could
> you please explain how stpeter's suggestions are biased against
> non-Linux developers?

The fact that a lot of the open source projects are for Linux, that in
certain area's new projects being setup seem to be frowned upon even flamed
because it is seen as a waste of time and that they should be contributing
to established projects, that it was being suggested that it was going to be
based on contribution of code to said projects.

> Gabber/Gabber2 are C++ on Linux, and for a while there was talk of
> writing a new open source Jabber server in C++, but that sort of
> devolved into jabberd2 a bit ;) -- my point is that the community
> doesn't really have some sort of bias against anything that's not C,
> it's just that C is the most common language for *nix systems and
> jabberd is targeted primarily at *nix systems.

Yes but both of those are on Linux too, and at the time I was talking about
the server, I would much prefer to contribute to a C++ server project but
even when said C++ server project was started there was plenty of "whats the
point, just contribute to jabberd" etc etc.

> Just because jabberd is a *nix C server doesn't mean it's the only open
> source server.. and contributing to jabberd is most definitely not the
> only way to contribute to Jabber.

I wasnt saying it was, but for windows dev's the choice is much less.


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