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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Apr 2 15:18:24 CST 2003

> What about protocol dev's?? Also this biases against a lot of people who
> don't develop for linux, I would love to contribute to the server myself as
> that's the area im interested in but I don't have the resources to run a
> Linux machine to develop and test it, plus I don't like developing in C and
> much prefer C++ but I think people would frown on starting a brand new
> server project in C++.

There's loads of projects happening on other platforms. And there's
loads of Linux projects that aren't in C (trust me - finding libs is

> Robert I haven't looked closely at the code but have you developed so that
> it is portable? i.e. separated out all the OS dependant functions into
> separate source files? If not then I suggest that this is something that is
> very important to do, also I would be willing to work on win32 versions of
> those files, the linux community is still a minority compared to windows and
> if we can get the server running reliably on windows that will significantly
> increase the potential user base.

The whole thing is reasonably POSIX-ish. I think 99% of the porting
required could be done by writing an APR backend for MIO (because APR
works on Windows). Feel free to get into that if you like.

Followups to jabberd at js.o please :)


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