[Foundation] membership, money, and meritocracy

Peter G. Millard me at pgmillard.com
Sun Apr 6 00:03:17 CST 2003

Shawn Wilton wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
>> As for who would judge the "fitness" of people for membership, I say
>> that there are lots of well qualified people -- Peter St. Andre, Iain
>> Shigeoka, Peter Millard, Ryan Eatmon, Matthew Miller, Marco Palombi,
>> Russell Davis, just to name a few. There are people here who have
>> been here since the "beginning" who have NOT lurked -- they have
>> EARNED, by their blood, sweat, tears, and money (Mountain Dew isn't
>> free you know) the right to decide who gets to contribute/vote on
>> protocol, logos, and anything else which affects the JSF.
> Partially agreed.  There are people that have managed to stick around
> the whole time.  Those people you mentioned are also full timers.  PSA
> is funded by J inc. to work on Jabber material, Ian Shigeoka is part of
> a company that funds Jabber work.  PGM is part of J. Inc, Marco
> Palombi is Tipic.  You're right.  These people are fit to judge, and
> they have been around for some time.  On the flip side they also get
> paid to deal in Jabber.  There are plenty of people out there however
> that make
> Jabber their hobby and don't get paid for their work.  People such as
> myself, Dan Chote, Edrin, Sebastiaan, etc.  Some of these people slip
> in and out time permitting.  I could contribute a hell of a lot more
> were I in the position to. I know this applies to many other important
> contributors of the community.

Just for the record, the work I do for the JSF with except for weekly
meetings that occur during business hours, I do on my own time. Same goes
for Exodus, JabberCOM, and Winjab. The work I do for Jabber, Inc. is all
commercial development that almost never impacts the work I do in my own

Also, for what it's worth, there have been occasions in the past where the
old "core" group of developers would fly places on their OWN dime to hold
meetings and stuff. We've sunk personal finances into the well-being of the
jabber community. Don't try to pawn us off as commercial "puppets". It's
offensive to say least.

Jabber _IS_ my hobby... it just also happens to be what I work on @ my day
job. Also, FWIW, It wasn't always the case. My involvement in jabber began
before there was a Jabber, Inc, before there was a JSF. Hell, it began
before there was jdev at conference.jabber.org.


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