[Foundation] new member intro (Don Bergal)

Jason Frankel jfrankel at winfessor.com
Mon Apr 28 17:59:20 CDT 2003

Welcome Don

>From what I've seen this community appreciates the value that marketing can add, so feel welcome!

Feel free to join the Jabber Marketing Mailing List

My name is Jason Frankel (we've met before). I'm the new marketing team lead for the JSF (formerly lead by Iain Shigeoka).

We certainly need talent like you. I'll contact you to better understand how we can work together to market XMPP/Jabber.

All the best,
Jason Frankel

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Thanks for you support in recently electing me to the JSF.   

I know many of you from my days at Jabber, Inc.    Since the beginning of this year, I have been part of Antepo, where we have been marketing a Java-based XMPP and SIP server. Antepo has also become a JSF sponsor. 

I am not a developer, but a "marketing type" -  sorry for crashing the party!  The broadening of the JSF beyond software contributors shows the progress the XMPP has made in recent months and how it has taken a mainstream position in real-time communications, both open source and commercial.  

As a JSF member, I intend to contribute in promoting and evangelizing the protocol for commercial applications.   An area of particular interest is interoperability with other systems, long a Jabber strength.   It is clear that if XMPP can be established as the dominant protocol for connecting dissimilar IM/presence systems, the future of XMPP will be very bright.  

Look forward to working with you.  

Don Bergal
Email:  don.bergal at antepo.com
IM: dbergal at im.antepo.com

Don Bergal 
Vice-President, North America
Antepo, Inc.  (www.antepo.com) 
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