[Foundation] Call For Arbitration: File Transfer

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Tue Aug 26 06:26:54 CDT 2003

Hello, Ryan!

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 18:05:03 -0000, you said:


 RE> 2) What does the state table look like for establishing a stream?

 RE> REL and FT require two steps to accept a file and decide on the
 RE> stream.  One to accept the file based on FT, and the other to
 RE> establish the stream method based on REL.

 RE> SI/Profiles requires only one step.

Again, what reasons for assumption that all protocols that will need
to use streams will be able to exchange enought information about
stream in _one_ step?

 RE> Since it contains the information about the stream via the
 RE> Profile, a Client can accept, or reject, a file based on it's
 RE> size/type/etc..., and it can accept/reject a stream based on
 RE> stream methods.

 RE> The Council prefers the simplicity and predictability of the
 RE> SI/Profiles protocol.


 RE> We have also discussed a few other Profiles that we think would
 RE> be simple to create using this methodology, one of them being
 RE> JEP-105 Tree Transfer Stream Initiation Profile for transferring
 RE> entire directory structures and not just single files at a time.

As I understand JEP-0095 is intended to negotiate only one stream, and
after negotiation stream protocol (socks5, ibb, etc...) should use
"id" attribute from <sid/> element.  But in JEP-0105 this is not the
case.  Yes, JEP-0095 can be slightly changed to allow simultaneous
negotiation of several streams, like this:

<iq ...>
  <si ...>

But with current JEP-0095, JEP-0105 looks like hack.

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