[standards-jig] Re: [Foundation] Motion for Last Call - Chat State Notifications (JEP-0085)

Martin Rogard martin.rogard at culture.gouv.fr
Fri Dec 5 03:25:48 CST 2003

At 07:27 05/12/03, Julian wrote:
>>No one is being forced to support this.  Perhaps you can make it optional 
>>in your clients.  Perhaps not implement it at all.
>Actually, Chat State is on standards track

It is but AFAIK it's not a standard and I see no momentum to support it.

>  This means that new clients won't implement x:event. As in, my client 
> won't be able to just stick with x:event because I actually want to be 
> able to send and receive composing events from other clients.
>Even if Chat State is accepted and such, I will not implement closed 
>window in any of my clients. Anyway, this whole closed window thing is 
>just a side rant to the bigger issue of Chat State vs. x:event altogether. 
>I don't want to completely get rid of and replace a protocol which a lot 
>of people are finally coming around to implement.

I agree with Julian on all those points and I'd to add that we should stop 
adding features we are implementing just because we can. I find all those 
proposals extremely overkill, I strongly believe simplicity is a key goal 
and we seems to follow the mistakes of some OSS by pushing proposals after 
proposals without a clear vision of the big picture.

Do you strongly believe that the features you are pushing are absolutely 
needed? Because it's easy to write a proposal but one has to think about 
the cost of any change. I know we aren't required to support those JEP but 
I do think the jabber world isn't mature enough to follow different paths.

- martin 

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