[Foundation] Re: [Compliance] Compliance Team + JIG

Ed Coughlin ecoughlin at gollaborate.com
Tue Jan 28 18:38:33 CST 2003

If I understand the approach (compliance JIG + compliance WG)  I agree.
Opening the discussion of compliance to the public (JIG) should result in
better representation for the issues that matter to the widest demographic.
Not to mention the increased possibility of finding more volunteers for the
work.  Having a WG that is smaller in number and accountable to the JSF
should insure progress by avoiding the "everyone is responsible so no one is
responsible" syndrome.  Also, this would permit the WG to protect sensitive
information proprietary to the JSF like product test results and information
proprietary to the developer such as "early release" product info.

Peter, I'll take a crack at the JEP if your swamped.


> 1. We will have an open Compliance JIG that all members of the community
> can join (not just JSF members), with a public mailing list. This JIG will
> develop test plans, review the code for the testing tools, etc. I expect
> that some people from the jdev at jabber.org list will join this JIG. In
> order to form this JIG, we need to write a JIG-formation JEP and have the
> Council and/or Board approve it. I volunteer to work with Compliance Team
> chair Ed Coughlin to write this JEP and get it approved.
> 2. The current Compliance Team will be limited to JSF members and its
> mailing list will not be public. The Team will review actual test data
> (which shall not be public) and make decisions regarding things like logos
> (in consultation with the Marketing Team). Basically the Compliance Team
> will provide direction and make major decisions (read: accountability)
> regarding the compliance program. So Compliance Team is to Compliance JIG
> as Jabber Council is to Standards JIG. (We could have a similar setup for
> marketing, as well.)
> Sound good?
> Peter
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