[Foundation] Introduction to the JSF

Reece Webb webb at bluetools.org
Thu Jan 30 08:50:57 CST 2003


I'm very pleased to have been accepted for membership.

My name is Reece Webb. I'm the President of a local IT Consulting firm, 
geared towards small and home-based business. BlueTools.org is a spin off 
project and will be the focal point of our jabber contributions.

We feel that jabber is an ideal communications channel for many of our 
clients. With that in mind, we're working on both a Java client and server 
solution called Blue Messenger and Blue Core, respectively.

Blue Messenger will scale based on device... from PDA/Phones to the 
desktop. The plan is to also incorporate bluetooth p2p and location-based 
services (via plugins), enhancing the functionality of the client. A few 
other ideas are in the works, but one step at a time. :)

The site is a bit sparse right now.. it's a very busy time of year for us, 
but stay tuned.


Reece Webb - http://www.bluetools.org

JID - webb at bluetools.org
      reecewebb at jabber.org

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