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Joe Breeden jbreeden at ena.com
Thu Jan 30 09:33:20 CST 2003

My contribution to Jabber include the xdb_perl xdb_file replacement component. The reason I did this was to solve a problem my company had in needing to deliver alert messages to schools. We wanted to be able to, initially, deliver weather alerts (ala weather bug), Homeland Security, and other types of alerts securely. To do this, I needed a way to; A) deliver the alerts in a timely fashion, B) integrate with our MS SQL server (for user information), C) send the alerts in a way to ensure that they are not forged, and D) allow other types of communications - two way, content delivery, etc. Obviously, Jabber was the best solution and so I started on modifying the server to work with our needs and one of my co-workers wrote the custom client (in C++). We are sending the first version of the client and server mods to our QC department today and hope to release the first version to our customers around the 15th. Which should give me time to get back on xdb_perl and finish it up and tweak it a little to make it better. 

Thanks to Jabber this project has become one our most promising projects in some time. Even to the point where my employer is allowing me to schedule time during the work week where I will be able to work solely on Jabber projects that are meant to be released to the Jabber community. I am very interested in agents at the moment and hope to be spending my time writing agents for release to the community, but I would be willing to help wherever necessary.


-Joe Breeden

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