[Foundation] Selfintroduction

Matthias Wimmer jabber at matthias-wimmer.de
Thu Jan 30 14:58:02 CST 2003


Two notes at the beginning to Peter:
- Could you please change my name on the website to "Matthias Wimmer"
  (the 'h' after 'tt' is missing).
- Could you plase change my subscription address for this mailing list
  to 'm at tthias.net'?

If think the most known contribution if have done is IPv6 support for
Jabber. I have added support for this in jabberd 1.4.x and jabberd 2.0
and enabled some clients to use IPv6.
An other thing I am playing with at the moment is using multicast with
Jabber (multicast Jabber messages over a multicast network). I think
this can be usefull for distributed services like data bases or chat
romms (that could be voice enabled).
One thing I hope to get is an IPv6 client for Windows. But all clients
I have checked yet are either closed source or are using a library that
can't be ported easily.

I operate my own Jabber server (amessage.at, amessage.be, amessage.ch,
amessage.de, amessage.info and amessage.li) and I am developping an IM
solution based on Jabber for a German company at the moment.

phone: +49-700-77007770		web: http://matthias-wimmer.de/

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