[Foundation] Clarifications On Name Change Proposal

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Tue Jul 1 09:22:27 CDT 2003


Even though I still don't think cost should be one of the main 
considerations in this decision... :)

 > I'd
 > say at the low end we'd be talking about tangible costs on the order
 > of thousands or maybe tens of thousands of dollars, to:
>           * Pay legal fees for trademark searches for the new name

Are we even positive that we'd want to trademark the new name? I'm not 
sure that we would. In any case, the cost of a trademark is $325 plus 
legal fees for research (which has always worked out to around $1K total 
in my experience).

>           * File whatever legal papers are necessary to change the
>             name of the organization

It looks like this would be $90 in Delaware (where the JSF is 
incorporated). BTW, to respond to another email -- to the best of my 
knowledge the JSF is a non-profit but is not a 501c3. A 501c3 is an org 
that is allowed to do tax-deductible fundraising. It's possible that we 
could quality for 501c3 status under the scientific advancement 
category, but it's probably not likely. The only real ramification is 
that donations by individuals to the org aren't tax deductible like they 
would be to a charity.

>           * Register or buy a domain (or domains) that match the new
>             name

$35 if we register with someone expensive. It's not all that difficult 
of a problem to pick a name/domain name combination that isn't already 
in use.

>           * Re-design corporate identity stuff (logos, business
>             cards, stationary, etc.)
>           * s/Jabber/$NEWNAME/g in whatever documents exist on-line

This work has always been done on a volunteer basis and it likely would 
continue to be.

So, the low end is just over $100 and the high end is a bit over $1000. 
If there are further line items that people wanted to discuss we could 
certainly do so, but I think it's really a job for the team.


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