[Foundation] Call for Arbitration addition to the by-laws

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Tue Jul 1 18:44:14 CDT 2003

Yes.  The current debate is not covered by this.

Justin Karneges wrote:

>However, can we get an exception for the current FT debate so we don't have to 
>wait until August?
>On Tuesday 01 July 2003 03:29 pm, Ryan Eatmon wrote:
>> In light of the current file transfer debate and request to the Council
>> for assitance, I would like to propose the following by-law addition to
>> clarify the Council's role.  This proposal requires 5% of the JSF to
>> second it so that it can be voted on during the upcoming JSF Membership
>> meeting in August.
>> Call for Arbitration
>> The Council, as an official body, shall have no sway over the direction
>> of Jabber Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) until they are brought before the
>> Council for a vote UNLESS a Call for Arbitration is made.  Any member of
>> the Foundation can, at any time, call for the Council to arbitrate a
>> dispute amongst JEP authors over the direction that a single JEP, or a
>> group of JEPs, should take.  The call must be seconded by at least 5% of
>> the full membership of the JSF and at least one of the authors of the
>> disputed JEPs within 10 days of the call.  The Council then has one week
>> to review the situation and produce a ruling.  The ruling shall be
>> binding to all of the parties involved.
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