[Foundation] Retraction: Call for Arbitration addition to the by-laws

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Tue Jul 1 18:56:48 CDT 2003

In speaking with Peter (again), he points out that this should probably 
NOT be a by-law addition.  But rather an addition to JEP #1.

Are there any objections to this proposal being added to JEP #1 and 
being made part of the JEP process?

Robert Norris wrote:

>> In light of the current file transfer debate and request to the Council 
>> for assitance, I would like to propose the following by-law addition to 
>> clarify the Council's role.  This proposal requires 5% of the JSF to 
>> second it so that it can be voted on during the upcoming JSF Membership 
>> meeting in August.
>I agree with this, and would second it, but I'm not sure how this text
>fits into the Bylaws (which make no mention of JEPs, for example).
>Can you clarify a bit? Is the text OK as it stands?


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