[Foundation] thoughts from another commercial player

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Thu Jul 10 11:48:18 CDT 2003

Don Bergal /EXC/NOA wrote:
>     "The Jabber brand will never be acceptable to the commercial 
> developer marketplace...Many companies are ... unwilling     to use the 
> term Jabber".
> Secondly, there have been many mis-informed statements about the true 
> cost of executing the name change.    How much would it cost to 
> re-establish the goodwill and market awareness currently enjoyed by the 
> name "Jabber"?    Not millions, but *tens of millions* of dollars.

In both cases, Don has communicated my fear about the proposed name 
change and ficus of the JSF. While, in a perfect world, we would like to 
have the Jabber brand name separated from the Foundation and its work, I 
truly believe that to do so now would cause great confusion.

The real dollars associated with making the change are not the issue: 
the issue is building and re-building awareness of Jabber, XMPP, the 
JSF, and the community that surrounds them.


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