[Foundation] my thoughts

Ben Schumacher ben at blahr.com
Thu Jul 10 17:31:39 CDT 2003

Matt Tucker said:
> Peter,
> Damn, nice ballsy email. Perhaps people are in too much shock to have
> made many replies yet? :)


I imagine that its because you don't know stpeter so well that you fail to
realize that that email was likely sent as a sign of frustration with the
amount of silly politics going on within the JSF right now. Back in the
day, Jabber was started as a grassroots movement to create an open bridge
for communicating with what we now refer to as legacy IM systems. Today,
it has become much more than that, and with that growth, the community has
become distorted. Instead of a group of folks enthusiastically working
together against larger opponents (read AOL, Microsoft, etc.), it has
become a group that regularly devolves into fighting among it members.

As you stated in one of your previous emails, we haven't won, but this
continued bickering over small issues among those who are supposed to be
on our team will certainly serve to defeat us, even if Micrsoft or AOL
never bat an eye in our direction.

One final note on the issue of name change. I too implore the community to
remember what it was like to work together, as a team, and together. We
are stronger as a whole, and those that would seek to pull us apart should
beware. Jabber is the name that this community has rallied behind for 5
years, and its a strong name, with meaning. I see no reason to take that
away at this date, simply because a few don't share the vision of the

I don't think the JSF should be dissolved, but I do hope that it can find
its soul again.



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