[Foundation] Jabber vs XMPP Analysis

bauer at michaelbauer.com bauer at michaelbauer.com
Fri Jul 11 17:17:13 CDT 2003

I built this map:


from this site:


Kind of gives a litte perspective on how ingrained Jabber is and how much 
work a name change could entail.  Didn't have any XMPP site to compare to.

Found 5,650 references to "XMPP instant messaging" and 53,400 references 
to "Jabber instant messaging" in web sites via Google.  About a 10x ratio.

I didn't have a lot of success with google news.  I only found 9 news 
articles for "XMPP instant messaging" vs only 19 news articles for "Jabber 
instant messaging" in Google News.  Here's a graph of those articles 
showing that Jabber is consistently mentioned more per day per press 
release than XMPP:


Kind of shows that XMPP is not being used more and more by the press but 
that Jabber continues to dominate in usage.  Of course, this sample set 
may not be that great.

Just trying to bring a little data to the discussion.

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