[Foundation] Jabber vs XMPP Analysis

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Sun Jul 13 13:06:24 CDT 2003


As a follow-up to Iain's message --  "Jabber" is used to refer to much 
more than a protocol -- it's also various open source projects, a 
company, and the current name of the organization developing XMPP (the JSF).

So, I did a quick tally on those articles you mentioned from the google
news search for "Jabber Instant Messaging":

  * About Jabber Inc -- 4 articles
  * About "Jabber the application" -- 3 articles (usually one word
references to Jabber here)
  * About "Jabber the protocol" -- 3 articles
  * Really about XMPP but just mentions Jabber such as when interviewing
someone from the JSF -- 3 articles

Besides pointing again to the confusion over just what "Jabber" is, the
google news links also didn't seem to find many of the major press
articles about IM protocols that I've seen recently. In all those cases
that I've seen, XMPP is used as the protocol name exclusively. Examples:


It's pretty much the same story with the general search results. The
majority of the "Jabber" hits are about JInc, Jabber clients, jabberd,
etc and not in reference to the protocol extensions on top of XMPP (you
can see the same thing from your Jabber map).

XMPP seems to be clearly winning as the terminology for the protocol.
This will only be more true as XMPP makes its way further through the IETF.

Is it really that bad to have to say, "This is a Jabber solution built
on top of the open XMPP protocol" vs. "This is a Jabber solution built
on top of the open Jabber protocol"?


bauer at michaelbauer.com wrote:
> I built this map:
>   http://www.michaelbauer.com/jabbermap.png
> from this site:
>   http://www.touchgraph.com/TGGoogleBrowser.html
> Kind of gives a litte perspective on how ingrained Jabber is and how much 
> work a name change could entail.  Didn't have any XMPP site to compare to.
> Found 5,650 references to "XMPP instant messaging" and 53,400 references 
> to "Jabber instant messaging" in web sites via Google.  About a 10x ratio.
> I didn't have a lot of success with google news.  I only found 9 news 
> articles for "XMPP instant messaging" vs only 19 news articles for "Jabber 
> instant messaging" in Google News.  Here's a graph of those articles 
> showing that Jabber is consistently mentioned more per day per press 
> release than XMPP:
>   http://www.michaelbauer.com/news.png
> Kind of shows that XMPP is not being used more and more by the press but 
> that Jabber continues to dominate in usage.  Of course, this sample set 
> may not be that great.
> Just trying to bring a little data to the discussion.

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