[Foundation] proxy votes

Russell Davis rkdavis at burninghorse.com
Mon Jul 21 13:51:10 CDT 2003

He comes and goes but he really isn't usable or suitable for the
situation we find ourselves in with both membership re/applications and
a "referendum". I have not decided 100% my position on the name change
proposal but i have on memberships, but i am unable to cast my votes
until i vote on the namechange proposal. This really isn't a good thing
and it's not entirely fair either as quite a few people will just say
yes or no to shut him up without really thinking through the
consequences of doing so and thereby skewing the results one way or the
other. It's too late to do anything now about it (memberbot coming
online just before the weekend when all who could have done something
about it are normally not around didn't help) but in future when we find
ourselves with multiple subject votes could we have a seperate instance
of memberbot or his offspring for each seperate vote please (not
including membership applications as they are one vote of course)

bst rgrds 

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