[Foundation] number of Council members

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jul 29 10:51:34 CDT 2003

Traditionally, the Jabber Council has contained nine members. The
history behind the number 9 is that we borrowed this number from the
Apache Software Foundation (IIRC). However, there is nothing in the JSF
Bylaws [1] that sets the number of Council members at 9. Recently, the
Council discussed this issue [2], and the consensus seems to be that it
would be more productive for the Council to have 5 or 7 members. After
thinking about it for a while, I think 5 would be best, but if that does
not work we could of course expand it back up to 7. I do think 9 is too
large, and that a smaller Council would be more agile and would make
decisions more quickly.

If JSF members have opinions on this (and I'm sure you do), I'd like to
hear them. Unless there are strenuous objections to setting the number
of Council members at 5 (at least for the 2003-2004 term), I will seek
Board approval for this change (since IMHO it is too late for the JSF
membership to vote on it, and I don't think that a vote is absolutely
necessary on this matter anyway).



[1] http://www.jabber.org/jsf/bylaws.php
[2] http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/council/2003-July/000962.html

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