[Foundation] number of Council members

Iain shigeoka iain at shigeoka.com
Wed Jul 30 00:21:13 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, Jul 29, 2003, at 16:59 US/Pacific, Robert Norris wrote:

>> What about an arrangement that would allow JSF members to nominate
>> candidates for the council appointment/impeachment at any time, 
>> (perhaps
>> with a 1 month notification period, or shorter in the event of an
>> emergency requiring more council members) instead of an annual cycle?
> I don't think that would work, because the Council (and the Board, for
> that matter) must be able to rely on a certain amount of stability so
> that they can establish reasonably long-term goals, and develop a good
> working dynamic with the other members of the team.
> If members can be added and/or removed randomly, then it inhibits the
> ability of the Council to plan effectively.

I agree. i think the flipside to this being we need to be better about 
making sure council applicants are willing and able to dedicate the 
time over their entire term (no more having the council go awol over 
xmas, never to return). Perhaps we need something similar to the 'miss 
three votes and you're out' rule we have for members. Maybe fail to 
contribute to 3 council meetings and you're out rule... I'm half 
kidding - we really do need some way to ensure council members either 
contribute or resign so we don't have 'dead' leadership.


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