[Foundation] number of Council members

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Jul 30 01:06:51 CDT 2003

> >If members can be added and/or removed randomly, then it inhibits the
> >ability of the Council to plan effectively.
> I agree. i think the flipside to this being we need to be better about
> making sure council applicants are willing and able to dedicate the
> time over their entire term (no more having the council go awol over
> xmas, never to return). Perhaps we need something similar to the 'miss
> three votes and you're out' rule we have for members. Maybe fail to
> contribute to 3 council meetings and you're out rule... I'm half
> kidding - we really do need some way to ensure council members either
> contribute or resign so we don't have 'dead' leadership.

Perhaps we need to _have_ council meetings .. ;)

I tend to agree with this. I'm not sure what activity the council can be
guaranteed to do regularly enough that we could apply this to. Maybe
just voting on stuff would be enough - I dunno.


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