[Foundation] Introduction

Mike Prince mike at mikeprince.com
Wed Jul 30 16:54:11 CDT 2003

Hello everyone,

A quick introduction is in order:  As you can guess by the email address
my name is Mike Prince.

I have a pretty varied technology background having wire-wrapped my
first computer in the early 80's,  programming games for the Apple ][,
and building thin film deposition machines for fabricating
superconducting motor windings.  In the 90's I did a brief stint running
a restaurant (Hobee's for those in Silicon Valley) and then went back to
computing to build graphical front ends and database replication tools
for multiple listing services, and databases for "marketing
encylopedias" (cool idea that didn't get off the ground).  At the height
of the bubble I joined Nuance Communications to build a product which
eventually became their VoiceXML platform.  While at Nuance I held
positions ranging from lead developer, to the manager of strategic

The latest venture is with Real Time Entertainment Group.  We're
developing an online entertainment guide that provides both personalized
recommendations as well as inter-member communications using, you
guessed it, Jabber based instant messaging.

While developing the entertainment guide I wrote the Yaja! Java
communications library which is GPL'd and available on the Sourceforge
and has references on JabberStudio.

My hope is that applications like our the entertainment guide, as well
as many others, spur the growth of an XMPP based instant messaging

I look forward to talking with the rest of you,


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