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I would appreciate if you would provide us with the context of said


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> Today's meeting of the JSF Board of Directors just ended. As 
> we all know, this has been a time of ferment within the 
> Jabber community, and specifically within the JSF itself. The 
> Board has passed an important resolution that I think 
> addresses most of the concerns raised by those who recently 
> proposed changing the name of the JSF. Because I must craft 
> the specific text of that resolution and receive approval 
> from the Board 
> regarding that wording, I will not announce that resolution 
> until later 
> today or possibly tomorrow. However, given the current 
> circumstances and the need to reach broad agreement regarding 
> the resolution approved today before moving forward, the 
> Board has decided to postpone the annual 
> meeting of the JSF by three weeks, from August 27 to 
> September 17. This 
> will result in changes to the schedule for Board and Council 
> elections as 
> well. Specifically, the elections schedule is now as follows:
> 1. August 21:  Board and Council position papers due
> 2. August 22 - September 2: Discussion / Questions
> 3. September 3 - 17: Proxy Voting
> 4. September 17 @ 17:00 UTC: Annual Meeting
> Please see my earlier announcement for more detailed 
> information about 
> the elections process:

Thank you.


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