[Foundation] name change proposal

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Jun 30 14:15:22 CDT 2003

Several JSF members have submitted a formal proposal to change the name
of the foundation. Although they could have sent out notice of this
proposal themselves, they have asked me to be a neutral party regarding
this proposal, so I am announcing it now. In addition to providing
reasons for changing the name of the organization, the proposal requests 
a special meeting of the JSF membership on July 23. Because 10 members
have signed the proposal (over 10% of the membership), there is no need
to second this request. And in fact, we were already planning to hold a
meeting on that day to vote on new applicants and renewing members. All 
existing members of the JSF will be eligible to vote on this matter,
since Section 2.9 of the Bylaws specifies that membership does not lapse
until after the vote on applications or renewals. I will place the name
change vote first on the agenda for this meeting in order to make this

The proxy voting on this matter will begin the same day as proxy voting
on membership, i.e., on or about July 11. Proxy voting will continue
through the date and time of the official meeting, i.e., July 23 at
17:00 UTC. I will send out formal notice of that meeting shortly.

Discussion of this proposal should occur before proxy voting begins
(i.e., between now and July 11). Discussion of this proposal should 
focus on the merits of the case and should not devolve into personal 
attacks on proponents of either side. This is a serious proposal by 
people who are seriously interested and involved in the technology 
and protocol we all know and love. Everyone involved in this debate 
deserves respect for their views, no matter whether you agree with 
them or not. Naturally, open discussion may result in alternative
proposals or different solutions to the perceived problem that is
outlined in the proposal. Such solutions are to be welcomed, and it
would benefit us all to think of solutions that are not "either/or" but
"both/and" if possible.

That said, the proposal is located here:


Please review it, and let the conversation begin.



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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