[Foundation] OFFICIAL VOTE: Logo Contest

Ben Schumacher ben at blahr.com
Thu Mar 6 20:57:44 CST 2003

Are MemberBOT fighting again? It isn't answering me. :(


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> usual rules apply:
> 1. Vote by sending a Jabber message to <memberbot at jabber.org> and
> following the instructions presented to you. If memberbot is not in your
> roster or you get a message saying "sorry, I don't talk to strangers",
> please contact me and I will fix the problem.
> 2. If you don't vote, you *may* be subject to purging from the membership
> (however, this is unlikely since most people have been voting and you need
> to miss three votes in a row in order to be purged).
> 3. Voting via memberbot is "proxy voting" according to the Bylaws. I will
> present your votes in the JSF meeting next Wednesday if you vote via
> memberbot. (However, you can vote during the meeting, too.)
> 4. As discussed, voting for the logo contest will end on Wednesday, March
> 12. I'll shut off memberbot right before the meeting @ 18:00 UTC.
> Special note for this vote:
> Since there are six finalists in the logo contest, the voting method gives
> you a total of six votes. You can spread those votes however you please.
> For example, you can give all six votes to Entry #2. Or you can give 3
> votes to Entry #1 and 3 votes to Entry #4. Or one vote to each. It's up to
> you. The winner will be the entry with the most votes.
> Finally, because we have to live with this logo for many years, I am not
> opposed to campaigning and politicking on this list. Let's discuss which
> logo you think projects the most positive image for Jabber and the JSF,
> and let's choose the best logo we can.
> If you have any questions, let me know.
> Thanks!
> Peter

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