[Foundation] finalists

Russell Davis rkdavis at burninghorse.com
Fri Mar 7 01:40:32 CST 2003

I know marketing would really like to get this all cut and dried intime 
to get the logo into the OSCON brochure but is this really something we
want to hurry just for that? We have lived with the current graphic
representations of the JSF for sometime  now and one brochure at one
event even if it is OSCON isn't going to create an overnight
"brandawareness" that is set in stone. So I suggest that we add one
further option to memberbot, the option to say none of the above and
lets come back to the logo issue in a couple of weeks after we have been
fair and given all entrants a chance to revamp their entries as we
originally planned to do.

bst rgrds
Russell Davis

jid: ukscone at burninghorse.com
email: ukscone at burninghorse.com

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