[Foundation] I made it to drone status

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Fri Mar 7 13:13:20 CST 2003

You're very welcome for that promotion.  I feel it's necessary to keep 
people feeling good about themselves by occasionally giving them 
something to brag about.  ;-)

As for the meetings, I'm in class when all of these meetings are going 
on so I am unable to make it to any of them.  I use to be able to make 
it to the foundation meeting but the time was changed conflicting with 
my schedule.  :-(

Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. wrote:
> I like getting promoted from mindless idiot to drone.  I can not wait to
> tell my wife of my promotion. ;-)
> I was one of the drones and yes we rushed this due to a deadline,
> promoting jabber is our mission and we needed to make an executive
> decision.  There were many good logos submitted, some logos that may
> have been better were disqualified due to incompleteness with the rules.
> This was unfortunate and we had no time to ask for resubmissions on the
> theme.
> To be honest I found very few acceptable logos period and I even voted
> against some in my own short list.  My favorite was disqualified due to
> incompleteness.
> Every week we have a marketing meeting Monday at 18:00 UTC and Iain and
> I are about the only ones that show up on a regular bases.  There is
> plenty of work for those looking for it.
> Thanks for the promotion and see you next Monday @ 18:00 UTC
> heg
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