[Foundation] Meetings / Schedules and times to suit

Daniel Chote daniel at chote.net
Tue Mar 11 10:14:23 CST 2003

Its obvious that not all members can allocate the time to go to 
foundation meetings.  Due to the whole round world issue we have.   
Maybe we could collaborate with the members in specific locales where 
the member base is dence enough, and hold local specific meetings that 
work best with the members in that area.  These meetings can have 
nominated secretaries, and be collated in such a mannor as the current 
meeting is.  I think if we then do this, there can be more 
collaboration, and at the end of the day more input from our members.

I dunno, its just an idea, because 12 hours apart may still not have a 
significant differnence than what we currently have outlined.  So, take 
the hubs's that we have america's, europe, asia pacific. And find the 
members in those area's that would like to actively contribute, and 
build the meetings around those timezones at a time that would suit the 
majority in the area.

*my spondoolies*

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