AW: [Foundation] voting update

Ben Schumacher ben at
Tue Mar 11 10:18:26 CST 2003

How does that solve the problem for *me* though. I can't make the 
meetings cause its in the middle of my work day. But if we had another 
meeting 12 hours later, I wouldn't be able to make it cause I'd either 
be in bed, or at a pub drinking. If that's the case, I propose we have 3 
meetings a day, every 8 hours and then practically guarantee that 
nothing is ever accomplished in the JSF. Frankly, I'm just glad that 
there are those dedicated enough to work their schedule around the 
meetings so they can attend and something can be accomplished. I fail to 
see how increasing the number of meetings a day so that even more people 
will miss meetings will improve the process.

Please read the rest of my message, I believe my point was already made.


Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> Hello,
>>As for 12 hour meetings... what would be the point of that? Unless
> Time zones. People all over the world are in the JSF.
> Lots of people are not able to attent meetings at 18:00 UTC. Because the sleep at this time, or they are at the office and do their "normal" Job.
> Alex

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