[Foundation] Meetings / Schedules and times to suit

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Tue Mar 11 11:18:41 CST 2003

Daniel Chote wrote:

> Im sorry, but I dont know why there is such a *mood* in this mailing 
> list now... I thought we kinda got over the whole satire thing already.
> Few things I would like to point out.
> #)  I am a New Zealander, although currently in the US for the time 
> being. Back in NZ, I wanted to be active in the whole meeting process, 
> and for the first part I was... But after a while getting up at 4am 
> grew tiresome.
> #)  Im not saying this is something that should go through, and yes.. 
> I know it should have been adressed in the beginning, but frankly, 
> this was obviouslyt brought up because people were interested in 
> seeing if something could be implemented now.
> #) I would like to see this item brought up in the list, maybe we 
> could get a show of hands to just see if this is a viable path to 
> take..  *The seperate meetings for regions of the world who arnt awake 
> when the US is*...  I dont think that such a biased approach should be 
> taken, as that has been shown so far in the list... Im sure with a 
> show of hands we could see how many of our european counterparts would 
> liek to have a meeting timed for their own lifestyle.  There is no 
> point saying *NO* from the very start just because the american 
> parties are happy with their american time. 

I think different discussion times would be valuable, but really think 
the onus should be on someone else (not stpeter) to organize the time, 
promote the discussion, and lead the discussion. I don't really care if 
there is one additional meeting time or 5, they will survive based on 
participation and interest among members in having them continue.

-David Waite

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