[Foundation] Meetings / Schedules and times to suit

Iain Shigeoka iain at jivesoftware.com
Tue Mar 11 11:38:06 CST 2003

On 3/11/03 8:54, "Daniel Chote" <daniel at chote.net> wrote:

> Im sorry, but I dont know why there is such a *mood* in this mailing
> list now... I thought we kinda got over the whole satire thing already.

> #) I would like to see this item brought up in the list, maybe we could
> get a show of hands to just see if this is a viable path to take..  *The
> seperate meetings for regions of the world who arnt awake when the US
> is*...  I dont think that such a biased approach should be taken, as
> that has been shown so far in the list... Im sure with a show of hands
> we could see how many of our european counterparts would liek to have a
> meeting timed for their own lifestyle.  There is no point saying *NO*
> from the very start just because the american parties are happy with
> their american time.


Staggered timing of JSF meetings was tried in the past. We've always had
people that find the 18:00 UTC meetings impossible or at least incredibly

The two systems tried was multiple meetings in different zones, and rotating
the times so that everyone had a week or two that was inconvenient. The
conclusion of those efforts was that meetings held outside of the US
convenient time (18:00 UTC) had zero (or close to it) attendance. A meeting
with one or two people in it usually isn't too productive.

It's very probable that this is a self-reinforcing trend. We hold meetings
convenient for US. So mainly US time zone people participate in the JSF. And
since most participants can make US timed events, events are scheduled for
US times.

What I would suggest is that anyone in another TZ (europe or asia for
example) should announce (in members@) and start to hold informal meetings
at a convenient time in the foundation at conference.jabber.org room. If you
can gather a large enough group, the JSF can encourage it's council and
board members to attend these meetings (however, I would point out that they
often don't come to the existing meetings so...). ;)

The only time you have to do anything special is to hold an "official JSF
meeting" (see Bylaws). None of the weekly JSF meetings fall into this


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