[Foundation] Logo voting madness... :)

Iain Shigeoka iain at jivesoftware.com
Tue Mar 11 12:32:21 CST 2003

Hello all,

For those flaming Peter, I'd like to point out that the marketing team
leader is yours truly. Complaints and flammables regarding the logo contest
should be directed to/at me. I repeat, if you have issues bring them up with
me not Peter.

For those that do not like the way the logo contest is being conducted I'd
like to warn you that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The JSF is
planning on starting a lot of programs where many decisions will need to be
made. These decisions must be made in a timely manner and often on schedules
external to the JSF.

This means that the membership will often find themselves consulted at
"short notices" and won't have long periods of time to debate. In addition,
member input will frequently be constrained to certain, limited options
because those options were selected by teams in charge.

If you do not like being left with only a few options at the end of a
EARLIER. Yes, this means for example, if you wanted to have input on any
logo submitted, you should have joined the marketing team, or at least
showed up to the marketing team meetings or posted your concerns while these
decisions were being made. The logo planning began in January and
discussions about it started last year. So anyone saying the logo is being
rushed, please realize, we've been working on it for three months!

As I said earlier, this is going to be happening MORE OFTEN not less, so if
you don't like being left out, you need to get involved. In marketing, we've
got several other programs in development involving JSF branding, contests,
and education. Each will have large impacts on the JSF. The compliance team
is working through some decisions that will have large and far reaching
effects on anyone creating software. If you wait until the teams are
finishing up a project, you will not have the same amount of input as those
that worked on the team. The same applies to the JEP process and the IETF
working group.

Whew. Now, having said all that: the logo voting. With my marketing hat on,
I become a spineless marketing guy that desperately wants to please as many
people as possible. :) (sorry, no offense to marketing professionals) I'd
like to propose a compromise. Any one that would like a logo considered for
voting that is not currently a finalist may petition to have it added to the
eligible entries. The criteria:

1) The logo must be an entry in the gallery (www.jabber.org/gallery)
2) The logo submitter must provide original art files, and a repurposed logo
for OSCON (contact me or Peter for details) by Monday the 17th to
logo at jabber.org.
3) The petition must be supported by a simple majority of JSF members. It is
your responsibility to get the backing of these members and provide a list
of their names and email addresses as part of the petition.
4) The petition must be submitted to logo at jabber.org and verified by myself
prior to the voting meeting (18:00 UTC, Wednesday March 19, 2003).
Verification will require enough time for me to see the petition in my
inbox, send emails to all supporters for confirmation, email propagation
times, and time for the supporters to receive and reply to my verification
email. I would suggest at least 12 hours as a practical minimum time for
this process to occur.

If you want a logo added to the finalist list, you now have a fair
opportunity for doing so. Anyone pursuing this should contact me at some
point in the process so I can make sure you have all the information you
need to make it happen.

As a closing note to this really long email: you always have options. First,
you can petition the board to change the logo, boot me out as marketing team
leader, or force another logo contest to be held. If the board doesn't agree
to your petition and you feel that things are being conducted in an unfair
manner, you can vote a new board in. We have processes in place for letting
everyone be heard, and for the membership to control what happens in the
JSF. Read the JSF Bylaws and get active!


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